Pokemon Japanese TCG Shiny Star V Booster Box S4a


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Pokemon Japanese TCG S4a Shiny Star V Booster Box

Each box comes with 10 packs containing 11 cards. Each pack contains 2x regular Holo’s, 1x Reverse Holo, and 1x V or VMAX card. Each box also guarantees 1x Secret Rare full art V or VMAX shiny pokemon, 3x baby shinies, 1x amazing rare and has the chance to contain a full art trainer or full art gold card.

This set also contains the second installment in the Pokemon TCG of God packs. A God pack is seeded at 1 in 25 packs for the chance of each card in the pack to be a secret rare (7x baby shines, 3x full arts).

Weight .370 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 17 cm


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